After Grandma Fell at Home I Got Her a Medical Alert System

My grandmother was having difficulty with the things she needed to do to get around. She fell down a couple of months ago. She did not break anything, but she was stuck outside for about an hour in her back yard. She said it was the pain and a little bit of panic that was stopping her from getting up. After she got her wits about her, she said she crawled to the retaining wall to use it as a support to haul herself up. After that incident I decided to get her a medical alert system. One of those ones with a pendant she could wear at all times to call for help.

I found out that there are all kinds of systems out there available for different prices. I wanted to make sure that hers was a monitored system so she would be speaking to a live person within moments of pressing the button. Continue reading After Grandma Fell at Home I Got Her a Medical Alert System

Botox Spa to Stay Competitive in the Corporate World Where I Work

Got wrinkles? I did. They started in my 40s. Some folks start to get wrinkly even earlier. My friend Ruiz Morgan and I noticed the fine lines around my eyes first and skin getting saggy where I wanted it to be firm. I went to a Botox spa to get rid of the wrinkles. I figured I would give a few more years before getting anything lifted or tucked. I still looked good to my husband, and that was all the showing off I needed to do. However, some of you girls know how it can be in the office. People see a wrinkle as a sign of weakness. That is preposterous, but people follow what they see on TV. Sometimes I think the corporate world is worse than what you see on TV.

The competition is always there, especially if you have a management position. Even more so if you have an upper management position. I have actually heard some managers talk more about what another woman was wearing and her makeup than the work she did. Continue reading Botox Spa to Stay Competitive in the Corporate World Where I Work

I Broke One of My Wisdom Teeth

I broke one of my wisdom teeth, of course it did not happen randomly I got some peanut brittle out of the snack box at work. I can take that stuff or leave it, but the stuff in the box had been there for a while without being restocked so there was not much of a selection and a lot of what remained seemed sketchy after a week and a half in the box on top of the file cabinet. I guess I need to find a good dentist in Grand Prairie and get him to pull the rest of the tooth. Right now it is not a real issue. Continue reading I Broke One of My Wisdom Teeth

Alleviate Back Pain by Visiting a Chiropractor

When you have sustained an injury in your back, the pain can be excruciating. It is something that can be felt with even the most minor movements and makes everyday life quite painful until it gets better. Many back injuries are ones that do not require surgery and only get better with time, relaxation and therapy. If your pain is not manageable, it is best to see a chiropractor than can help you with alleviating your pain to a more tolerable level and get you on the road to recovery. Find a chiropractor in Orland Park IL to get immediate assistance with improving your movement and manage your pain better. Waiting with a back injury can only make your more immobile, so it is better to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Chiropractic medicine is typically grouped as an alternative medicine, but has long been considered effective and is accepted and recommended by regular doctors. They specialize in pain management after sustaining injury and they can help with getting different body parts, especially the back or shoulders, to a point where they are easier to move. They do this through a variety of therapies, but especially through massage, helping to loosen muscles. For back injuries, they can help someone with a lower back injury or a thrown out back. You can go from being in pain with every move you make to being able to walk around fine without pain or discomfort. Though it takes time, as do most forms of therapies, chiropractic medicine has been a life saver for many who have sustained similar back injuries.

Depending on the injury you sustained, the pain could get worse the longer you wait to have it treated. Search online for a chiropractor in Orland Park IL to find one that is convenient to where you live or work. Research the practitioner online and make an appointment to start working on alleviating some of your back pain.

Losing the Weight in a Safe Way

I had tried losing weight most of my life. I think I have tried every fad diet there is, but nothing seemed to work. I knew that I was just hurting myself by carrying around so much extra weight, but I honestly did not know what to do. My doctor suggested that I look into a medical weight loss program, and I thought that he meant surgery. He told me that there are other medical plans that do not involve invasive surgery, and he gave me the information that I needed to find out more about them.

I was able to learn a lot from the information he gave me, but I wanted to know even more. Continue reading Losing the Weight in a Safe Way

What All Effects Your Blood Pressure

To tell the truth I am not all that sure that the doctors know the answers to my questions. They tell you all sorts of things could cause high blood pressure. Apparently they think that there are caffeinated beverage effects on blood pressure and they want me to give up soda and tea and coffee. I do not drink much coffee. I might have a cup or two in a month, because I need the boost from the caffeine. Of course I drink a lot of sweet tea and a good bit of soda. I like a cold Dr Pepper on a hot day, especially if I am at a ball game. He told me to give up beer and liquor too, but he was about ten years late on that. I gave it up after one really epic night of drinking on New Year’s Eve. That led to the most terrible hangover ever and I decided that it was going to be my last hangover ever.

At any rate I am not loving this sort of random advice I am getting. They ask me if I get enough exercise and of course I work on my feet pretty much. I am a couple of pounds heavier than I should be, but of course the doctors started talking like I needed to lose ten or twenty pounds. I can look at myself in the mirror and see that I do not look like the Michelin man or like Charles Atlas either. I am in decent, but not great shape. Obviously the doctors do not know what causes the high blood pressure and they tell me that it could just be in my genes or a dozen other things. So they say all sorts of random things about what I should do about it.

A Fun and Exciting Way to Explore Sexuality

Since the earliest days of humanity, sex has been a pretty big part of life. Obviously without sex life would not even exist, as generation after generation has continued to create life by having sex. Sex is now about more than just procreation though, as many people turn to it for a way of relieving stress, connecting with lovers, and much more. Everything from new positions to new places can be used to spice things up and make it interesting, but vibrators and other toys are also a great way. In fact, for those that are single and do not want to meet up with strangers, they can even use these toys in a solo setting.

This hugely personal feel and level of intimacy is very desirable, so more and more people are starting to enjoy the use of these toys. Continue reading A Fun and Exciting Way to Explore Sexuality

Finding Top Medical Alert Products

I recently had a heart attack, and I think that it was because of a drug that I have been taking. The drug was prescribed to me by my doctor, and that is why I am so upset by this situation. I am worried that this is something that could happen to me again, and that is why I want to get a medical alert system installed at my house that will be able to call 911 for me, if I should have another heart attack. I am not sure I would be able to trigger the system on my own, so itw ould be best if it could actually monitor my heart for me.

I guess that the heart attack has been linked in a lot of cases to this drug I was taking. Continue reading Finding Top Medical Alert Products

Doing Our Part to Live Forever

When it comes to wanting to live forever, I’m one of those people. It’s been a focus of mine since I was 17 years old. I had just finished reading The Fantastic Voyage: Do You Want to Live Forever by Ray Kurzweil which inspired me to do just that. Kurzweil believes that human kind is approaching what he calls a technological singularity that will enable humans to merge ourselves with our machines, an effect that will allow us to no longer become victims to the ravages of time itself. To this end I take supplements like Phytoceramide, Q10, Reversitol and others in an attempt to combat it.

It’s going to take more than just supplements, though, this I know. I am going to have to focus more on the things that I haven’t been doing – exercising, mainly. It’s just so easy to get caught up in work and life that I forget to exercise both my body and mind. Along with a balanced diet, exercise is a key component in keeping ourselves fit and healthy so we’ll be able to extend our age. Continue reading Doing Our Part to Live Forever

Shampoo for My Thinning Hair

It is not uncommon for women in my family to have thinning hair. I thought that I might be the exception because I had always had long, thick hair, but the family curse struck me as well when I hit my 40s. Rather than just accept thinning hair as my fate, I decided to do something about it. I carefully researched my options, and that is how I came to find It is a website that is committed to finding the best solutions for both men and women when it comes to the image they want to present.

While I was only interested in their hair products, I thought it was really nice that they also offer products that help a person’s skin, teeth and even other parts of their bodies too. Continue reading Shampoo for My Thinning Hair