Monthly Archives: December 2013

Bent to Dust and out Went My Back

Greg Webb | FacebookI bent over to get the dust on the bottom of my fire place and instead of bending at my knees, I bent over at the waist and I knew that I had blown my back out right away, I went to a chiropractor in oakland. I could not believe that my back went out so quickly. There are a lot of people that told me that you will know it when your back goes out and I never knew what they meant until I experienced it all by myself. The people that were talking to me about the different ways to bend at the chiro center, made me feel like I was a little kid learning how to do something over again.

I Love to Trick or Treat

My daughter was really little and she loved to go out and trick or treat before she was three, and I did not know if she would be able to stand going to all the houses but she did. She loved to run from door to door as we went with a few friends from the area and their older kids loved to bring her to the door, it was great as the teens brought her to the door and the parents and I could actually walk around and talk the entire time. The walnut creek chiropractor was really great and always handed out full size candy bars, which made our kids so happy. I am not going to lie, before she knew what it was or how good it tasted I would always take out the bar and eat it when we got home. It was the only piece of candy that I ate all year long.

I am happy that she is getting older but now we have to decide how old is too old for her to go out and go trick or treating.