After Grandma Fell at Home I Got Her a Medical Alert System

My grandmother was having difficulty with the things she needed to do to get around. She fell down a couple of months ago. She did not break anything, but she was stuck outside for about an hour in her back yard. She said it was the pain and a little bit of panic that was stopping her from getting up. After she got her wits about her, she said she crawled to the retaining wall to use it as a support to haul herself up. After that incident I decided to get her a medical alert system. One of those ones with a pendant she could wear at all times to call for help.

I found out that there are all kinds of systems out there available for different prices. I wanted to make sure that hers was a monitored system so she would be speaking to a live person within moments of pressing the button. I also wanted her to have the one where the pendant was also a two-way voice communicator. That way she could speak to the medical alert professional even if she was in the back yard. The other type of system requires you to be close to the base station for voice contact, but it still will call for help by the push of a button even if you are not close to the base station for voice contact.

I was actually surprised at how affordable the units are. Grandma told me she would just carry her cellphone with her everywhere. I knew that was not going to happen. However, I knew she could wear the small pendant at all times. Since it was waterproof, she could even wear it while bathing or showering. There would be no reason for her to take it off and forget it somewhere. It gives me peace of mind, and I think it does for her too.

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