Sterile Water for Diluting Drugs

I was chancing upon this stuff in youtube videos when I was looking around for weight loss tips. Of course I was looking for stuff like the Mayo clinic would tell you, except hoping that I could find some good advice that was not really all that big of an ordeal as the whole exercise more and eat less plan. At any rate you can not help finding all sorts of weird things and I saw one guy talking about how to make your own bacteriostatic water for an hcg diet. Of course I had no real clue what that meant, but I soon realized that this was something you did to dilute drugs that you are injecting. I guess that you can use plain sterile water if you are going to throw the needle away after each injection, but that is obviously expensive and most people are going to use the same needle repeatedly.

That is what would make the most sense for most people, although I can not see myself trying any diet that required a needle or anything that went in one. Like most people I am averse to those things if they are not necessary. I can not see myself wanting to mix my own bacteriostatic water up either, even though that is a pretty easy thing to do. You use the needle to measure out some alcohol, I forgot what kind it is. Then you add it together with the sterile water and you are ready to go. At least you would be ready to go if you were the sort of person who believed in an hcg diet enough to do all that. In truth I think all of that stuff is pretty much made up and not to be believed, or at least not by me.

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