Superior Exercises to Achieve Weight Loss

The New Years has come once again, and with it people are making renewed resolutions to, among other things, get into better shape, lose weight, and become more healthy. All of these goals goals can be achieved through exercise. Yet many people are unsure as to exactly what type of workout will yield the best results. Never fear, the variety and options of great exercises one can chose from are endless. The best exercise for weight loss, however, is aerobics.

Aerobic exercises are quite simple. Any type of exercise which lasts for more than a few minutes while you continue to exercise is a form of aerobic exercise. One of the highest calorie burning aerobic exercises are step aerobics. These exercises us some form of elevated platform, which is the step, to focus on muscles in the legs, calf, and thighs. There are all different forms of step aerobics, but they are all basically different exercises focusing on the same motion one uses to climb stairs. This form of aerobic exercise burns around 800 calories an hour. Step aerobics can even be turned into different games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, to make exercise more enjoyable, and aid in passing the time.

Another form of aerobic exercise is one which may not spring to mind right away, and that is cycling. Not only can cycling be a great way to commute or travel, but it also is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. The difficulty and the calories burned can all be adjusted, based on the incline being traveled, and the speed at which one pedals. Muscles being built and strengthened through cycling include leg, back, and stomach. One can burn around 500 calories an hour when cycling.

Aerobic exercises are great ways to lose weight, and can not only be fun but useful as well. Try and work a bike trip into your next trip somewhere close if you can, and not only will you save money on gas but you’ll be participating in an aerobic exercise. If you try and make an exercise like step aerobics into a game, either by yourself or with friends, not only will it be more enjoyable, but you are more likely to continue with the exercises in the future. Keep up the good work, and soon you will be in great shape!

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