Working on My Cosmetology Degree

I already have a job at a pretty nice hair salong, but all I do right now is sit behind the counter on the days when we are busiest. On some days of the week we have about two dozen stylists working all day long, this is a really big salon in a very fashionable neighborhood. In fact the customers are all very trendy and usually annoying. I pimp stuff like expensive shampoo and conditioner and the top moroccan argan oil for hair. Of course we have a lot of stuff for sale, all stuff for dozens of different types of hair. If you have really dry hair then you need stuff like Argan oil, which is a very rare oil from the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. It is a very rare essential oil and a lot of people really love the stuff to the extreme. They seem to think it works miracles.

Of course I do not think that I am going to be able to get a job cutting hair where I am working now. They only hire people with a lot of experience and more to the point you need to have your own clients. It is not like you really have a job working for this place in reality. In fact you are actually renting a piece of real estate from the hair salon instead. I guess they are charging you for the overhead as well. You need some person to answer the phones for you and to make sure that the clients are signed in and obviously you need a place to work too. It is not like you can acquire new clients if you do not have a place like this. I get a bit of money for steering new clients to different stylists for examples.

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